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This website uses cookies to improve the browsing experience on the Site. Cookies are small files that are downloaded to your computer to improve navigation on the site. The operation of cookies depends entirely on the type of browser you use and can be enabled or not by changing the settings of the browser itself.


What are cookies used on this site?

Within our website we use technical cookies and Google Analytics cookies with anonymized IP.


Technical Cookie

Cookies are files useful to the technical operation of the Site and to provide the services it offered. Cookies can be technical or navigation session and are necessary for normal navigation and use of the Site; cookie analytics designed to gather information for statistical purposes in the aggregate, the number of users logging on the site and how the same users visit the site; cookies customization that allow the user, improving the service, the navigation function of a number of selectable criteria (eg. the selected language, selected product).

Below is the list of technical and Google Analytics cookies with anonymized IP used by this site:

__utma - persistent, time of user's visit, the necessary third-party service Google Analytics and Webmaster. It lasts two years;

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__utmc - persistent, calculates the duration of a visit of a user, required for third-party service Google Analytics. It lasts 30 minutes;

__utmz - persistent - source user, necessary for third-party service Google Analytics. It lasts 6 months.


How can I disable cookies?

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In case of use of different devices (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) Be sure to configure each browser present on each device depending on your preferences for cookies. 

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